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Brain Awareness Week is March 12-18
Posted on March 5th, 2012

Most of us have an annual physical but one of our most critical organs tends to go “under the radar.” Our brains are the control centers for our bodies -- but how often do we make lifestyle choices that take our brain health into consideration? The amount of alcohol we drink is an example, or the amount of sleep we get each night. Neglecting to take steps to alleviate the stress in our lives can also impact brain functioning. All of these things can take a toll and contribute to mental health problems like depression.

March 12-18 is Brain Awareness Week. Why not take a free, anonymous online screening to give yourself a check up from the neck up. You can take a screening for depression, PTSD, anxiety, or bipolar disorder – it’s totally anonymous and will only take up a few minutes of your time. The program is sponsored by Behavioral Health Services (BHSI) and is offered 24/7. Click here to take your free and anonymous self-assessment.

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